Sports Coach Insurance

Sports Coach Insurance

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Insurance for Adult and Youth Sports Team Coaches

Did you know that you can be held personally liable for incidents related to your work as a sports team coach? Even if you are a member of a coaching association or group, you can still be held personally responsible for injuries to the team. Regardless of fault, lawsuits are expensive, and our insurance can be there to cover the costs. You want your team members to have fun and learn how to be a team player under your watch. But who is watching your back while you have theirs? The Alternative Balance Professional Group is here to fill that gap.

Why Do I Need Sports Coach Insurance?

Some kinds of accidents you could be held responsible for include player dehydration; increased injury from concussions, sprains or other injuries from being kept in the game despite signs of those injuries; injuries from accidents occurring during travel to/from games or practices; and many more. On top of such types of incidents, sports coaches are increasingly experiencing allegations of sexual abuse or assault. Even if you have done nothing wrong, defending your name can be costly.

Many sports coaches also have insurance through their coaching association, but those insurance policies are there to protect the association - not you. They often have significant exclusions and requirements that leave you personally vulnerable. We want you to lead your sports teams with peace of mind that you're covered no matter where you coach. With the Alternative Balance Professional Group, you only need one policy even if you coach in multiple locations and for multiple types of sports. We also cover you for coaching both youth teams and adult teams.

What Coverage is Included in My Liability Insurance?

ABPG only partners with the best insurance companies, ensuring that you get the coverage you need and the best claims response. Don't get stuck with insurance you can't count on! Get started with our low-cost, simple and instant sports coaching insurance coverage today! Visit our Coverage page for more specific information about the types of coverage included in our plan.

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