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Success does not happen alone. It takes great leaders with strong ethics and values who take action to make a difference. If that sounds like you and your team we would love to do something great together!

Our sponsorship levels are designed for your specific needs in mind while working towards the greater good. Due to our strong devotion to sponsors and the high amount of sponsorship applications we receive, sponsorships are limited.

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School Sponsorship
School Sponsor 

Your students education is the most important thing to you and wanting the best for them does not stop when they graduate.

This is why all of Alternative Balance trade associations offer a student level that can support and protect them in their learning stage and grow with them as a professional.

Apply for sponsorship and together let's make a difference in your students' lives now and beyond the classroom.

Corporate Sponsorship
Corporate Sponsor

Running a business can be hard work and working with the right people can make all the difference.

For over 20 years we have worked side by side with industry leaders to provide real benefits to support the success of health, beauty & wellness professionals.

Apply for sponsorship and be part of our family of industry leaders ready to change the world.

Media Sponsor
Media Sponsor 

Being the media means getting the word out. It’s what you do.

Getting the right resources for your industry however can take valuable time and it can often leave you two steps behind everyone else.

Our team works diligently with media by being the industry leader in resources for health, beauty and wellness professionals.

Apply for sponsorship and get the word out today.

Association Sponsor
Association-Group Sponsor 

We know associations and the work to fit members needs can be challenging.

Members are the foundation of your group. Providing rock solid resources are a priority but can be hard to gain if you have just started or are trying to grow.

With decades of experience, we have established a strong reputable relationship with national and international insurance leaders your members can count on.

Apply for sponsorship and provide dependable insurance resources to your members with just a click.

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