Entrepreneur 101: How to take a vacation

Taking a vacation when you're an entrepreneur seems incredibly difficult, especially when you're starting out.

In the beginning you're often multi-tasking and wearing many hats in a one-person show.

As you grow and expand, the responsibilities increase and, though you might have the money finally to do so, your time becomes the issue.

But taking a vacation is actually an essential part of your business plan. It’s something most business programs don't teach.

But why is it essential?

Vacations gives us time away to relax, recharge and rejuvenate our soul. It gives us the opportunity to remove ourselves from the responsibilities of owning and running a business temporarily and can often show us a different perspective.

Now, taking a vacation doesn't always mean you have to go someplace or be doing something. In fact, I love vacations where I do nothing in particular for a while.

No matter how you choose to spend your time and take a vacation, it's important to make sure this is a part of your business plan.

The first thing you need to do is schedule your vacation.

It doesn't matter where or what you're doing right now.

You need to write it down in your calendar and make it clear that that is the time that you will take a break.

It might sound crazy, but I block out at least one week every quarter so I can enjoy the many changing seasons where I live. I don't always take a complete week, but I certainly make sure I schedule “vacation time” just like I do all my other quarterly events.

Blocking out time is crucial to avoid missing a vacation all together and helps you to not burn out.

Once you have your vacation times (yes, there should be more than one a year) in your calendar, do a brain dump of what you want for a vacation. For example, I want to travel to another country, go to the ocean, visit with friends and relatives I have not seen in awhile, etc.

Just spend 10 minutes writing down everywhere you want to go.

Some people find this exercise easy while others find it hard to let go because they can't imagine what will happen to their business if they take a vacation.

Remember this exercise is only for 10 minutes, so it's OK to give yourself permission to let go.

Now that you have some vacation ideas written down, it's time to put these ideas on your blocked vacation time.

Planning the details comes next. This is where many of us get stuck.

Since every vacation and business is different, there is no one size fits all formula. I can tell you that the most successful entrepreneurial vacations start with getting the details about the vacation done FIRST, then getting the details of how the business will work around it after.

If you do it the opposite way, it will never happen because most entrepreneurs (at any stage) are focused more on the business than vacation, and the vacation just never happens.

So once again, let's review:

  • Schedule your vacation. Don't worry about what you’re actually going to do yet.

  • Write down all your vacation ideas in 10 minutes. Remember to let go and not worry about the details right now.

  • On your calendar, put your vacation ideas down where you blocked time.

  • Plan the details of your vacation first, then how your business will work around it.

Taking vacations was something I thought would hurt my business and I did not have time for.

The truth was, it was not only good for business but was great for myself and those around me.

I challenge you to take time right now and schedule your vacation.

Before you know it you will be out there enjoying life and having the business you always wanted.

Because You’re Worth It!

Have you followed these steps on taking a vacation? What did you find helped the most?

Share your story below and maybe others will see you on their next vacation!