How Much Is Your Business Worth?

How much is your business worth these days?
Would you say it’s worth at least a $1 a day? 
While most entrepreneurs would say their business is worth way more then a $1, most are not protecting their business with that amount in mind.
These are businesses they put their heart and soul into and built from the ground up. 
Entrepreneurs will spend thousands, sometimes tens of thousands of dollars to start up and maintain their companies just in the first year, spending even more as they grow and expand. But when it comes to spending money protecting it with insurance, all of that seems to be irrelevant. They believe lawsuits won't happen to them because they do everything right and never cut corners with clients. Sure, doing the right thing is a good foundation, but the reality is none of us are perfect.
Working long hours as the boss can create the perfect situation for accidents due to being tired, over-scheduled, and over-distracted. This is what I call the “boss triangle.” A mixture of these or even just one can make our business disappear, causing us to be lost and financially devastated. 
But that is just our side of the story. What about the client's side? 
Some entrepreneurs would say they know their clients. Some only provide services to referred individuals. Knowing who your clients are helps you provide a better service and certainly can reduce the risk of accidents. However, this should never be how you protect your business or how you feel secure. Clients, like us, are not perfect. Some clients may have conditions they don't disclose no matter how close we are to them, causing liabilities we are never aware of.  As they interact with us, some clients have new conditions that occur that can quickly become out of our control.
With just some of these common variables it is impossible to guarantee that a lawsuit would never happen. This is why it has become my mission to support, educate, and protect entrepreneurs and their life’s work.
Too many times I’ve seen hard working entrepreneurs lose everything from an unforeseen accident on their part. I have even witnessed events were the client’s specific purpose is to make a claim and sue the professional for some easy cash.
As devastating as this was the first time I saw it happen, there was nothing I could do about it, even knowing that the entrepreneur had taken specific steps to protect themselves without insurance. 
Which brings me to one more reason entrepreneurs don't think their business is worth protecting for a dollar.
“The insurance company just wants my money.“
Like you, I am a wellness entrepreneur. I don't work for agents or big insurance companies looking to get your money. In fact, our team is dedicated to working for you.  
The insurance part of our association was designed from feedback directly from professionals like you and our team members who are in the industry as well. Starting as a energy worker and body worker, and now a business and life coach for over 18 years, I’ve worked with top-rated insurance carriers, brokers, and agents to ensure that not only are premiums affordable (aka they just don't want your money), but that the values of these companies are a match for our members’ code of of ethics.
So how much is your business worth? Are you protecting it with insurance? 
I believe your dedication to the industry is important and should be protected. I also believe you are worth it and I want to see you grow with other like-minded professionals. 
If this feels right to you and you’re ready, come check out our associations, buy a policy, and connect to over 28K Facebook fans now! 
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Because You're Worth It!