What's haunting your business?

It’s starting to get a little spooky out there. With Halloween just around the corner, it made me think about all the things haunting me in my business.
From projects that seem to be in limbo to dead-end tasks that really need to be put to rest, I found that my business needed to abolish these haunting things.
First things first - it was time to declutter.
Decluttering clears your business space (both physically and metaphysically) so you can serve the right clients and money can flow more naturally.
Start with small physical things in your workspace. Are there supplies you no longer use? What about personal items that really should not be in a work space?
I am all for making your workspace your own, but putting a bunch of personal objects around distracts you from what you’re supposed to be offering in that space—your service.
If you still want to have personal objects in your workspace, try limiting it to only a few things to lower distractions.
Once you have decluttered your physical space, take a look at your metaphysical space. If you're interested in working on clearing your space and clearing away what's haunting you on this level, feng shui can be a useful tool.
Feng shui is an ancient art that reveals how to balance the energy of any given space. In my own experience studying and working with feng shui advisors, I’ve seen increased prosperity and balance for my business.
Even simple changes, such as placing a mirror to reflect negative things away or using some specific items to bring in prosperity, can help the energy flow.
Decluttering and feng shui are just two ways to remove those pesky haunting things in your business that can drain or slow productivity.
A business is no place to be haunted, so get clear about what is haunting you and start to remove those things right away.
What is haunting your business right now? How do you remove these ominous things? Have you used feng shui before? What changes did you make or why have you not tried it before?
Share below—we love to hear your stories!