Keeping the spark in your business

Some days I wonder if I could ever actually stop working. Not because I have so much work to do or because I’m desperate for clients or money.
In fact, the opposite is true. Business is growing and I have an amazing team for support and the most fabulous clients. Life is good. Business is great!
The real reason why I can't actually stop working is because of the spark.
Let me explain.
I became an entrepreneur over 20 years ago because a spark ignited inside me to change the world and serve people.
Every day since then (and probably before I knew it then too) this spark has gotten me out of bed in the morning, kept me going late at night and connected me with people all around the world.
It’s always feeding my soul and my desire to give and do more.
Very quickly, I learned that the key to keeping the spark in your business is doing what you love so it does not feel like work.
For any entrepreneur, when it starts to feel like work or a job, the spark goes out.
So it’s incredibly important to continue to focus on the things you love and the things you're good at so the flame continues to be strong.
So where are the sparks coming from in your business?
Start asking yourself the following questions:
  • What things do you love your business?      
  • What ignites you in the morning when you first think about your business?
  • What things are you best at when it comes to your business or what is it that someone else can support you doing?
Some people find it easier to list what they are not good at, and you can do that too. But once you know what those things are, find someone else to do them, and then move on quickly so you can focus on what you do love and what you are good at, and do them!
Having your own business was never meant to be a dream—it was meant to be lived every day with a spark. So take a look at what sparked it in the first place and keep that fire burning.
I can’t wait to hear about how you're keeping that spark in your business, so please share your story below!