Automating Your Business

When doing a task, have you ever thought, “I’m so tired of doing this all the time”?
What about, “There must be a better way”?
Like most entrepreneurs, you have repetitive business tasks that take a lot of your time. Often, these tasks include bookkeeping, invoicing, marketing and communication follow-ups.
These repetitive tasks can take time away from you serving more people and making more money.
Taking action to automate tasks is an essential part of growing your business.
Take some time today to look at what things in business you repeat that could be automated.
For example, start with something easy that you do daily, like email communication. Set an autoresponder, letting the sender know you received the email and will get back to them as soon as possible.
This will make your sender feel heard and taken care of instantly.
This will also stop you from being distracted to respond instantly.
It will set more professional boundaries when it comes to your time as well.
To make your billing and invoicing more manageable,  start by doing it less frequently, then get it automated.
Once a month is ideal, but twice a month if you really have to.
Now try automating your billing and invoicing by doing it less frequently and with online programs such as PayPal, PaySimple or FreshBooks, to name a few.
Automation takes much less time to set up once than to do it yourself over and over. So give it a try.
Remember, automation is not meant to replace real customer service, but to provide better quality service, professional boundaries and give yourself freedom to do more of what you love.
Get started automating today and share what you have automated to help your business grow.