Understanding the Seasons of Your Business

It’s June and it’s one of my favorite seasons in business. Not because my profits are up but because it’s actually my slow season.

During the summer season, I have more time to soak in what I’ve done so far and where I am going.

I also use this seasonal opportunity to learn more and understand what my customers and support team need overall.

Each season has benefits and understanding them within your own business is key.

Learning when it was slow or busy, when I could actually take a vacation, when I could start new projects – all that took time to learn.

I started understanding the seasons of my business by tracking events in a calendar. I actually have a google calendar just called “seasonal” calendar.

I started by recording busy or slow days that stood out. I also wrote more details down, like busy communication day. Then even more specific tracking, like busy live chat day, busy phone day, record-breaking sales day, crazy email day, and more.

I recorded any time storms shut us down, programming went amok and even tracked when personal events happened, all to see if a pattern was affecting my business specifically.

It did not take very long to notice the patterns. I looked at each season so when it came around again, I could manage my business more efficiently and with a lot less stress.

So what are the seasonal patterns in your business? Is it busier during specific months? When is it slow so you can rejuvenate?

You can break it down as much as you want, but you have to track it to learn it. Trust me when I say next year, you will not remember what happened last June unless it totally changed your life and business.

So start tracking and tell me what you notice about your business in specific seasons.  

We all love a good seasonal story, so share and pass these tips on to your colleagues so they can understand the season of their businesses.