Pet Groomers Insurance

Pet Groomers Insurance

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We Now Offer Insurance for Pet Grooming!

People like their pets to be clean, fur trimmed, with nails cut to a safe level (or even painted for extra cuteness!). As a pet grooming professional, you want to do your best to keep your clients happy and looking good. Unfortunately, like almost any other profession, accidents can happen. Many pets don't like their nails trimmed, and some get antsy or are simply high energy. A dog or cat can easily slip through your arms and get excited around people, resulting in accidental injuries.

What are the risks?

Some of the risks that pet groomers insurance cover include bites, death or injury to the pet or other third parties, or even skin conditions caused by products you use during the course of grooming the animals. You never know when a pet will have sensitivity to a certain chemical used during a bath, for example. Such issues may require medical attention, which can be expensive. You can't always control animals, and even though a dog or a cat might not be trying to bite or harm an individual, sometimes their play gets out of hand and results in injury. You could also experience leash or restraint failure, which can result in injury to the animal. The loss of a pet can be devastating, and if it happens while the pet is under your watch, it can leave you open to lawsuits alleging negligence resulting in the pet's death. Alternative Balance Professional Group provides a comprehensive policy plan to protect your interests and stand by your side no matter where you work.

Our extensive insurance plan also offers coverage for damages to a premise that you may rent or have permission to use. Give yourself the peace of mind you deserve and protect yourself with our pet grooming liability insurance. It's simple, low cost, and instant!

To see a list of coverage provided, please see our Coverages page.

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