Hypnotherapy Insurance

Hypnotherapy Insurance

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Hypnotherapy Liability Insurance

Hypnotherapists use specialized methods to help their patients overcome and change negative habits and behaviors. The Alternative Balance Professional Group offers general and professional liability insurance for licensed or registered hypnotherapists who live in California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, New Jersey, Texas, Utah, and Washington.

Why do I need liability insurance?

Though it is a non-invasive modality designed to positively affect a whole person, some clients don't fully understand the methods used, or clients may have concerns about privacy or confidentiality. That's why the Alternative Balance Professional Group is offering professional and general liability insurance for hypnotherapists. General liability insurance can protect you from claims resulting from slip & fall incidents at your place of business. Professional liability is also important to protect you if a client makes a claim and asks for financial reimbursement for injuries or loss of income they suffered as a result of your treatment.

What coverage is included?

Visit our Coverage page for more specific information about the types of coverage included in our plan.

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