Choice Overload 

There are so many choices these days. From choosing where to live and what to drive to the smaller things like the soap we want to use or the vegetables we want... Read more

Thrive Now In Mercury Retrograde

2016 Mercury Retrograde DatesJanuary 5th-25thApril 28th - May 22nd August 30th - September 21stDecember 19th-January 8th 2017 When it comes to succeeding in bus... Read more

Entrepreneur 101: How to take a vacation

Taking a vacation when you're an entrepreneur seems incredibly difficult, especially when... Read more

The Four Letter Word Killing Your Business

There are a lot of four letter words that come to your mind when you're the boss. Cost, time, sale, call, and fame, just to name a few. But there is one four... Read more

How Much Is Your Business Worth?

How much is your business worth these days? Would you say it’s worth at least a $1 a day? While most entrepreneurs would say their business is worth way more... Read more

Designing Your Perfect Work Week

For more than 15 years my own company ran me. Instead of running my company to fit my desired life, I found myself working 18-hour days and designing my busine... Read more


One of the hardest things to say to a client is the word NO. No I don't have a discount. No I am not available at that time... Read more

Transform Your Business Rapidly

Get ready, get set… Wait? If you’re anything like me you probably have waited to start things when it comes to your business. Maybe you have even waited to sta... Read more

Mindful Goals Anytime of the Year

Are you ready to set up next year’s goals and make next year the most amazing business year ever and completely change your life? I think I hear that a million... Read more

3 Methods to Thank Your Customers

When was the last time you thanked your customers? I mean, personally thanked them? In this fast-paced world we live in, it seems customers are in and out quick... Read more

What's haunting your business?

It’s starting to get a little spooky out there. With Halloween just around the corner, it made me think about all the things haunting me in my business. From... Read more

The Truth About Your Customers

True or False? The customer is always right. More customers means more money. Customers are the foundation of your business... Read more

Keeping the spark in your business

Some days I wonder if I could ever actually stop working. Not because I have so much work to do or because I’m desperate for clients or money. In fact, the opp... Read more

Automating Your Business

When doing a task, have you ever thought, “I’m so tired of doing this all the time”?What about, “There must be a better way”? Like most entrepreneurs, you have... Read more

Understanding the Seasons of Your Business

It’s June and it’s one of my favorite seasons in business. Not because my profits are up but because it’s actually my slow season. During the summer season, I... Read more

Removing MAYhem from Your Business

How wonderful it would be if mayhem never occurred in your business. No software glitches, no lost documents, no miscommunication. But the reality is mayhem do... Read more

Spring Cleaning Your Business

Spring is in the air and everyone is ready to do some spring cleaning. Window washing, kitchen and bathroom cleaning and closets everywhere are getting an over... Read more

Creating A Lucky Business

Have you noticed all those lucky entrepreneurs lately? You know, the ones who get all the breaks? The businesses that seem to have amazing clients and earn more... Read more

Love In Your Business

When you create a personal relationship with your business, it is like any relationship. At times, you love it and spend as much time as possible with it. And... Read more

Removing Toxic Business Relationships

If you are running a business, it is likely you will encounter toxic relationships, whether it be with a client, a supplier or even a partner. Recognizing and... Read more

Keeping balance during the holidays

Balancing time during the holidays was once no easy task for this business owner. Holiday parties, end of the year checklists and an array of friends and family... Read more

Breaking Bad Money Habits in Business

Business money habits, like any other habit, can either make things worse or make them better. No one wants anything to get worse, but often before they get... Read more

Is a mobile business right for you?

A mobile business is usually a business where a professional travels to see clients and is often done in the convenience of the client’s location. Having a... Read more

Tips to Reduce Your Risk of A Claim

Keep your space clean and equipment in good repair. Check your chair & table’s hardware and parts regularly. If your table is set fairly high, provide a step... Read more

Knee Deep In....

Wow! I have to say yesterday was more than your typical day at Alternative Balance. We found ourselves knee deep in more ways than one. I am sure you know... Read more

Q&A: How do I handle clients who are always late?

Let’s face it, every client is important to us--but there are some that take advantage of that. Those clients who repeatedly come in late or cancel can be some... Read more