Our Team

About Our Company

We are a 100% Virtual Company run by 100% REAL PEOPLE!

Our online programs are designed to insure, inspire, and motivate you along the way making sure you’re not just working a job, but living a life of purpose doing what you love!

WE are here to SERVE YOU! While most companies are thinking about their bottom lines, we are focused on customer service first and foremost. That includes getting you the best resources, best prices, and best answers available, even if we have to refer you to someone else. Serving you is our passion!

BUILT on TRUST! Our company’s foundation is strong and made to last. With an A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau and highly-respected RATED “A” Insurance leaders like Lloyd's of London, you know you’re getting REAL companies you can trust from the very beginning.

We BELIEVE in and KNOW our members! Serving the industry for over 20 years, we know our members are the most amazing instructors and professionals in the industry! Our members are making a difference in thousands of lives every day. They stand by their work, and we believe what they are doing should be protected.

Meet Our Team

As a family-run business we continue to expand the family team experience while we grow. Here are some juicy tidbits to help you get to know us. Enjoy!

Kim, Founder and Owner of Alternative Balance (AB)


Dedicating her professional life to mindful business owners is a passion Kim has had for over 25 years. As a reiki master and body and energy worker, she understands the importance of balance in everyday life.

Building the fastest growing professional association in the U.S., Kim has also created the Mindful Business Academy, a worldwide school teaching entrepreneurs how to create a business and life they love. 


Katie – Owner and Office Manager


Katie has been with us, well, since day one!  You could say Katie was born into it.  As the daughter of the founder, Katie has seen our programs expand for over 20 years.

Katie assists both members and staff with compliance regulations, special request and accounting needs quickly and efficiently. Her knowledge of running a business and building a customer service oriented team has created a solid foundation for the company, our team, and YOU!


Dawn - Customer Services

Alternative Balance Customer ServiceDawn brings an uplifting customer service experience with everyone she connects to. No matter if you're a long term member renewing your account or a guest wondering how our program works, Dawn quickly and efficiently provides you with the resources you need.

You know when you're speaking with Dawn she will enthusiastically support your professional growth and we are so proud to have her on our team!


Monica – Renewal Services


Monica loves connecting with members and heads our renewal department. Thousands talk to Monica every year and, if she missed you, you will hear Monica on your voicemail making sure you’re happy with our services and getting you ready to renew so your business is 100% covered and growing all the time.

You will always find Monica looking out for you as a member or as a guest with great guidance and support.


Stacey – Customer/Sponsor Specialist


Stacey is there for you every step of the way by both phone and live chat. She will help find the best program for you as a first-time member or as a past member looking to protect your business through its transition.

Along with customer service, Stacey is also our Sponsor Program Specialist. Working directly with the industry's best groups, schools and companies, Stacey creates a professional and personable partnership with all our sponsors making a long-term positive impact on the world.

Special Thanks

Our team also extends to the dozens of brokers, agents, and underwriters who have worked with us for years on developing great insurance plans to protect your business.

A big SHOUT OUT to our programming team who works around the clock making a FIRST CLASS member account center and an application process that is easy and instant!

Miriam works on our web content, design and online marketing support!

Our team is so excited to have you here learning about us, and we can’t wait to connect with you today!