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Insuring the Business & Life You Love is Easy!

How do I sign up for membership and insurance?

Getting an Alternative Balance membership with insurance is easy! We want to make purchasing as easy as possible so you can focus on running your business. Here are a few key points to know about the online program. Need more help? Contact us today or visit our FAQ page for more details!

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When is my coverage effective?

INSTANTLY! Your policy is effective the instant your payment goes through online. Fill out the online application, enter your credit card information, review your entries and then click submit. That's it--you are immediately covered! No waiting, no approval process.

What is the cost for insurance?

Professionals are insured for 12 months at a time for as low as $219 per year and Students for $189 per year. See more details of what's included and your options on our Coverage & Pricing page.

Who does the insurance cover?

The Alternative Balance policy covers you as an individual providing a service or teaching a trade, and if you select Employer coverage then it covers you and any employees you specifically add to your policy. If you are an individual, your employer is not covered.* In addition, no matter where you or your employees work or where your business operations take you, you are covered - the insurance follows you, even internationally!

Even better, all of your services and trades are covered under ONE policy! From massage therapy insurance, animal therapy insurance, yoga instructor insurance to Zumba instructor insurance, we cover it all. If you work in the health, beauty, or fitness industries, we have coverage designed with you in mind.

*For individual insureds, employers can be added as an additional insured for $10 if they request it. This can be done any time online right from your account.

When will I get my documents?

Immediately!! Your policy documents are emailed to you immediately after your payment goes through. You also have immediate and 24/7 access to your policy documents through your online account. Just login and click on "My Policies", then select the current policy to see links to download your declarations, policy and membership certificate.

What is included in the membership?

With your membership, you receive insurance coverage (see details), 24/7 instant online access and member benefits like discounts on health & dental insurance, a FREE member webpage to promote your business, document templates for waivers and intake forms, industry subscriptions, access to online business management tools and much more! To see a more complete list of our member benefits, visit our Benefit Suites page.